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Jesus Healing & Health Ministry


can we experience Kingdom health and healing.

The Bible tells us what a healthy life is, how to manage our health, how to practice healing and what true healing from God looks like.

It is our mission to serve others through the healing ministry that Jesus exemplified throughout His life and continue this ministry.

JH&H ministry exists to:
  • Assist every Christian to become a wounded healer, who will help the sick and wounded to experience wellness in shalom.

  • Provide effective education and training about JH&H to individuals, families and churches, especially for Christian healthcare professionals. To support Christian healthcare professionals in attaining the best available medical skills that can be utilized in medical missions.

  • Serve the Church in becoming a healing community that plays a major role in holistic healing and healthcare to individuals, families and the local community.

Rev. Sung Ho Bae, M.D. is a full-time Board Certified Neurologist and Electroencephalographer. He is Clinical Associate Professor of Neurology at Thomas Jefferson University Medical College in Philadelphia, PA. He is also an ordained minister of the United Methodist Church and is Associate Pastor at Delaware Korean United

Methodist Church. He serves as Director of Jesus Health & Healing Ministry of JAMA. He has also been a partner faculty at Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, D.C. As President of the Thorn in the Flesh Fellowship, Inc. (TIFF Ministry), he is actively involved

in holistic healing ministry. He has authored two non-medical Christian books entitled Brain Priming, Living Well with a Thorn in the Flesh, and Perfect Healing & Health.

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