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Hippocrates, the Ancient Greek physician, wrote: “For extreme diseases, extreme methods of cure, as to restriction, are most suitable.” Why Now dives into the extreme diseases that are currently plaguing higher education — and the church writ large — in America, and calls for extreme, yet entirely biblical, cures that are most suitable for the times in which we live. From the nation’s founding on liberty, freedom, virtue, and humble faith, which formed the basis of its exceptionalism, to the intended Scripture-based, character-building purposes of public education that have long since been stripped from our schools, to the rise of the anti-Christian, progressive counterculture that has become the dominant culture in academia (and America), Why Now takes us through the extraordinarily desperate times in which the country finds itself today, and the extraordinarily desperate measures and risks one ministry is taking to address them. A much-needed wake-up call to America fueled by love and a deep burden to see another great awakening and revival in our midst, Why Now is sobering and strategic instructive and inspiring, truthful and timely, and above all, heartfelt and hopeful.

WHY NOW by Dr. John C. Kim

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