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C.S. Lewis Movie Showing on the JAMA Global Campus

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

The Most Reluctant Convert

The Untold Story of C.S. Lewis

Year released: Nov. 2021

Duration: 1h 13m

Three showings in English audio w/subtitles (Spanish (10 am), Korean (1 pm), & English (3 pm))

JAMA Global Campus (JAMA) presents "The Most Reluctant Convert" the untold story of C.S. Lewis on February 26, 2022.

Feb 26, 2022

Showtimes and ticket purchase:

Tickets available at the door but please try to purchase beforehand due to limited space!

The Most Reluctant Convert

The Untold Story of C.S. Lewis


1h 13m


Norman Stone


Max McLean as C.S. Lewis (Older); Nicholas Ralph as C.S. Lewis (Young Man); Eddie Ray Martin as C.S. Lewis (Child); Tom Glenister as J.R.R. Tolkien; Hubert Burton as Owen Barfield


Spanning C.S. Lewis' bitter childhood, WWI and his life-changing friendships at Oxford, The Most Reluctant Convert depicts the events that shaped Lewis' early life and journey from hard-boiled atheism to prolific Christianity.

The dramatic, true story of C.S. Lewis' journey from committed atheist to reluctant believer begins with his turbulent childhood. After losing his mother to cancer and becoming estranged from his father, a young C.S. Lewis deems existence bleak and unfortunate. His tutelage under atheist William T. Kirkpatrick and his harrowing experiences in The Great War solidify his case for materialism until he befriends J.R.R. Tolkien and Hugo Dyson. His fellow intellectuals-all Christians-challenge him to consider the logical, mythological, and literary cases for Christianity, and Lewis must face a life-altering choice: to hold fast to materialism or to give his life to Jesus Christ.


"A miniature masterpiece and a tour de force. Powerful for anyone wondering about the meaning of life. Not to be missed.”- OS GUINNESS (Emeritus Professor at Oxford)

"Max McLean brought Jack Lewis vividly to life, so much so that my wife and I, who have been so formed by him, were moved to tears. Anyone who is a fan of C.S. Lewis (as well as those who have yet to encounter his razor-sharp mind) will enjoy this movie.”- TIM KELLER

"Max McLean’s masterly performance brings me vividly back to 1962 when I attended C.S. Lewis’ final official lectures in Cambridge. Max has captured the essence of Lewis’ personality so wonderfully.”- DR. JOHN LENNOX (Emeritus Professor at Oxford & student of Lewis)

"A richly detailed, professional film. Surprise: it’s about C. S. Lewis’ conversion to Christianity. I saw a preview and found it very well-written and well-acted. Two thumbs up!”- PHILIP YANCEY (Author)

"The script is rich and well delivered. Very well casted. Loved the sets. I will watch again. An Irishman, great writer, and thinker. This Belfast man has impacted my life."-Lorraine Frazier

"I've been a CS Lewis fan for decades! This movie was like sitting down and having an amazing conversation with the great man himself! WOW!"- Gregory Stynsberg

"Outstanding. The narrative style worked perfectly and helped to give a charming overview of the life of C.S. Lewis & the influence from his contemporaries. Helps with understanding the reasoning of so many of his works."- Julie and Nigel Meadows

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