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Multi-Ethnic Prayer Gathering 2023 - Southern California

"Heal Our Land" 2 Chronicles 7:14

Date: October 1, 2023

Location: Grace Ministries International

1645 W. Valencia Dr., Fullerton, CA 92833, 714. 446. 6200

One of the preparatory prayer meetings for Multi-Ethinic Prayer Gathering
At one of the preparatory prayer meetings for Multi-Ethinic Prayer Gathering *Photo credit: (

We return to the Lord and repent, so please forgive and heal this land of America!’. Multi-Ethnic Prayer Gathering (MEPG), where Christians regardless of race and denomination gather in one place to pray, will be held at Grace Ministries International (Senior Pastor Ki-Hong Han) on October 1, 2023. MEPG which resumed in a face-to-face format two years ago, will be held simultaneously this year in both a face-to-face format and online via live broadcast on YouTube.

This year’s prayer gathering will be held under the theme of 2 Chronicles 7:14 and the title ‘Heal Our Land.’ Christian prayers of all races, including Hispanics, Vietnamese, Chinese, whites, blacks, and Indonesians, will come out and pray together with Koreans who are leading this movement.

Depending on each prayer topic, such as gratitude, repentance, reconciliation and integration, restoration of the Puritan faith, revival of Israel, missions, next generation, California public education, national leaders, Christian persecution, and disaster, a prayer instructor comes out and leads all attendees to pray in unison according to each prayer topic and close in a prayer and next prayer instructor would come forward to do the same.

The organizers of the prayer gathering said, “America, which was founded on the biblical foundation of the Puritans, is turning away from God and becoming a country that opposes Him,” and added, “People of all races are gathering together, repenting with tears, asking for God’s mercy and forgiveness, and praying for Him to heal the country.” “I invite you to join us,” he said, urging people to pray together for America.

According to Pastor Taekwang Kang, secretary general of MEPG, preparations for this prayer competition began early this year. Pastor Kang and the Preparatory Committee Chairman, Pastor Ezra Soonyoung Kang, attended a prayer meeting held in Southern California and encouraged the participation of prayer groups such as the California prayer team ‘Pray California’ and the international prayer team IPC.

In the Korean church community in Southern California, Rev. Hye-Sook Jeon (Grace Korean Church), Pastor Young-Sook Jeon (Thanksgiving Korean Church), Rev. Shin-Woo Hong (Sewoon Church of the Lord), Rev. Joseph Kim (Puritan Prayer Partner Prayer Group), Elder Cheol-Min Kim (CMF Missionary), Rev. Hyun-Sook Ahn (CBS Intercessory Prayer) The Korean intercessory prayer team, including others, held prayer meetings every two months for this prayer gathering.

Through this prayer gathering, the organizers plan to establish 1,000 multi-ethnic small group prayer teams in California and develop a healthy prayer movement in which multi-ethnic groups pray for America and the next generation. The prayer gathering is held every fall and is co-hosted by JAMA, the OC Church Council, the Center for Urbanization of the Americas, Grace Korean Church, and the Restoration of the Puritan Faith Movement. ▶more information: Secretary General Pastor Taekwang Kang (323) 578-7938

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