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Pray for Kyle Park

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

(3/4/2022) Day 1 Post-Transplant:

When we arrived at the hospital this morning, we were pleasantly surprised to see Kyle awake, smiling, and doing well! They performed a bronchoscopy to clean out the new lungs and the doctor said that he looks great! He is doing a lot better than anticipated so he doesn't need to be put back under sedation. He feels a little weak, which is expected after such a major surgery, but he's in high spirits and we're sure he'll get stronger very soon. The anesthesia team successfully placed an epidural between his shoulder blades so that he can manage any pain. Because Kyle's been on the ventilator for so long, he hasn't been using his breathing muscles as much and will need to take time to build those back up again. However, it's already such a difference seeing the ventilator settings only be on 30% compared to 100% along with full ECMO support before transplant. His speech therapist stopped by to let him use the speaking valve, and his voice sounded louder than before now that he has more volume in his new lungs! Once they can wean him off of the ventilator to an oxygen mask over his trach tube, they will perform another swallow evaluation in a few days to see if he can safely eat and drink again. Overall, Kyle had a very successful day, praise God!

We still can't believe that the surgery was successful and Kyle is so thankful for this second chance at life and for these healthy lungs, what a miracle! Please continue to pray that Kyle will have a smooth recovery as the early stages are very critical. Please also pray for the donor's family and that they would be comforted during this time. After a long time waiting on the transplant list, Kyle now has a boost of energy and motivation to reach new milestones in his rehabilitation and recovery and we can't wait to see his progress!

Urgent Prayer Request!

*Please scroll down for updates.

Kyle Park (GLDI class of ’17) came to visit us at the campus for a couple of days last week because he had to evacuate New Orleans where he was attending grad school. Before coming to the campus, he visited friends in Austin and Dallas. On Thursday, he found out that one of his friends in Austin tested positive for COVID. On Friday, he started coughing. On Saturday, he was having a hard time breathing so I (Cathy) took him to an urgent care clinic, where he tested positive for COVID and was prescribed some medications. On Monday afternoon I had to rush him to an ER where they gave him immediate care because his oxygen level was at 38%. They saw that he had severe COVID pneumonia and after a few hours of trying to slow down his rapid breathing, they had to put him on a ventilator. After searching all around town for a hospital bed for him, he was able to be admitted to Christus Mother Francis Hospital in Tyler late Monday night.

Kyle is in critical condition right now. He is from Hawaii and his mom is flying to Texas to see him.

Your prayers work. Would you please join me in lifting up Kyle in prayer and ask God for great healing?


Still on ventilator and sedated but is responsive (lifts finger when asked). Getting pain medication and IV for fluids and nutrition. He is still in a very critical condition. Pray that the antibiotics they are giving him will fight pneumonia that is in his lungs. Kyle’s mom is arriving in Dallas this afternoon. Pray for her health as she has not been taking care of herself these last few days.


Kyle’s mom spoke with a nurse this morning.

Kyle is doing better than yesterday. Ventilator oxygen reliance level down to 50% from 100%.

His blood oxygen is at 93%. He is definitely making a progress! God is answering our prayers! Please continue to pray that he would be able to breathe well enough on his own to get off the ventilator and that pneumonia in his lungs would be cleared away. Thank you!


Kyle is not doing well today. There were some secretions that were getting in the way of his ventilator tube and he was struggling to breathe. They had to take out his tube and insert a larger tube. In this whole process, his condition is understandably worse. His ventilator reliance oxygen level is back up to 90%. The hospital staff is telling the mom that though they are trying their best, his best chance of survival might be getting an ECMO treatment (google it), which isn’t available in East Texas. He would need to get transferred to a bigger city that offers that. However, they haven’t been able to find a hospital bed in any of those places. Can you urgently pray with us that God would heal, God would provide whatever is necessary so that Kyle would survive?

We don’t have words right now, but Kyle’s dad just got admitted to an ER in Hawaii with COVID. Please pray for both Kyle and his father, Mr. Clifford.


Last night, Kyle was safely helicoptered to Shreveport, Louisiana, and admitted into the ICU at --- Medical Center (saw a lot of lightning as I was driving Kyle’s mom there so it’s actually a miracle that they decided to fly him out). This morning, the doctor met and discussed with Kyle’s mom & dad (on the phone) about putting Kyle on ECMO. He explained very soberly that ECMO has high risks and is the last resort. It won’t help with his pneumonia but might help his lungs so that it can hold out longer and give his body precious time to battle. But given that the hospitals have tried everything else they can do for him, the parents decided to put Kyle on ECMO. We believe that God has provided in amazing ways for Kyle during this past week so that we can have faith and trust in Him for the future. Would you please continue your fervent prayers for Kyle?