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Virtual Workshop for Married GLDI Alumni

As we all know, marriage relationships take work—good marriages don’t just happen. Last weekend’s GLDI Alumni Marriage Workshop was soooooo good—very profound and practical! Thank you, Dr. Monica and Dr. Danny for teaching and sharing with us your wisdom and experience in how we can communicate well in our marriages.

One of our participants, Aaron (GLDI ‘17) and Lani (GLDI ‘16) Kim shared with us that they immediately tried to apply what they learned by discussing together a game plan for when conflict happens, and they put it on their wall to reference for their next argument. With their permission, we are sharing the picture they sent. This is such a great idea—maybe y’all can follow their good example and come up with a plan to follow BEFORE a conflict happens.

We believe that doing our marriages well is a great testimony to the world of God's work in our lives. We know it is hard at times, but it is worth the effort, the work.

We sincerely pray for God's favor and blessing over your marriage relationships.


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