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Fall 2023



INVITING SENIOR AND LEAD PASTORS AGES 50 AND YOUNGER to a special time of strengthening and equipping in spiritual life and calling.

REFRESHER is designed to help pastors reaffirm their identity, calling, and purpose while enjoying deep, authentic fellowship with other pastors on similar journeys. Filled with great discussions, personal coaching, and practical teaching, it will be an invaluable time to reignite your passion for ministry!

[ Who ]  Pastors

[ When ]  Fall 2023

[ Where ]  JAMA Global Campus  22392 FM 16 W., Lindale, TX

[ Cost ]  $150 (food & lodging included)
*JAMA is fundraising to make this retreat accessible to all pastors. 

[ Contact ]

Some of the discussion topics may include:

Identity: Who are YOU? What defines YOU as a person? How does your position in Christ form your true identity? What does it mean to live out our lives in Christ in relationship to others?

Coaching: What are YOU called to do? How would you describe your vision? What is the Biblical vision of every pastor? How can YOU implement that vision?

Discipleship: How do we fulfill the great commission and make disciples, organically? What is a primary and very effective way of doing organic discipleship with the entire congregation?

Alan Stoddard 

Alan became a follower of Jesus Christ in 1988, a decision changed the course of his life. He responded to a call to the ministry in 1992. He served 11 years in the Army. He is married to Jeana and has a daughter, Briana. Alan graduated from Southwestern Seminary in Ft. Worth, Texas, and Gordon-Conwell Seminary in South Hamilton, Massachusetts. His doctoral work at Gordon-Conwell was on the topic “Reinforcing Expository Preaching with Sermon-based Small Groups.” While at Gordon-Conwell he was privileged to study with the preaching dean, the late Dr. Haddon Robinson. Alan and his wife Jeana are presently in preparation to plant Imagine Church in Granbury, Texas. Alan is the co-author of Groups that Revitalize: Bringing New Life to Your Church through Sermon-Based Small Groups, with Kenneth Priest. 

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Bill Holdridge

Bill Holdridge is the Director and Founder of Poimen Ministries, a ministry of former Calvary Chapel pastors who have a passion for church revitalization and health ( Their approach is to strengthen senior/lead pastors, in order that their churches may be strengthened.  He is also the founding pastor of Calvary Chapel Monterey, where he served for 27 years. Bill is married to Sheri, and together they have three married children, and nine grandchildren. Bill is passionate about God’s Word, and is interested in ministry to pastors, discipleship, church planting/mentoring, and revival in the church.

Terry McNabb

Terry McNabb has been a lead pastor for twenty-nine years and a pastoral coach with Poimen Ministries for six years. His primary goal in ministry is to assist pastors and leaders in learning to lead from a position of joy and confidence and thus, to fulfill God’s calling for their lives. Terry has been a professional musician, business owner, and pastor. He and Katherine have been married forty years, with three daughters and eight grandchildren. 

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