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[August] Prayer UPdates

Prayer Updates for The United States of America

  1. We are both relieved and thankful that Hurricane Lane, which recently prompted warnings, threatening Hawaii, has been categorized as a Tropical Storm. Please pray that damages incurred by flooding, mudslides, and other outcomes of this storm in the surrounding regions would recover quickly. Please pray also for protection from any further impact over the surrounding areas.

  2. Though there are various reasons to the intense crime we face in today’s generation, (gun violence included), we believe that the root, causing individuals to carry out heinous acts, spurn from hurting spirits and sickness of hearts. LORD, may those experiencing such pain – those seeking to carry out deliberate ills and cause harm, be convicted by Your love, come to repentance, and experience Your grace, in humility. We pray especially for victims and those affected by inexplicable malice. May You pour Your healing touch, giving them strength to heal, forgive, love, and be victorious through what might be the most painful and difficult seasons of their lives.

  3. Please pray for Judge Brett Kavanaugh as he continues in his confirmation process towards a seat in the Supreme Court. Many liberal groups have began campaigning against Kavanaugh. As opposition increases, it is clear, the importance for God’s people to intercede over this nation, seeking reform and Biblical principles to be restored in the US Government. Please pray that the confirmation for Brett Kavanaugh would be without problem and that whoever is installed into the Supreme Court would submit to the full authority of God.

  4. Please pray for the November 2018 Midterm Elections. Please pray for individuals who honor God and seek God’s will to be elected into office so that this nation might return to the LORD and become effective for His Kingdom purposes.

Prayer Topic Updates for JAMA

  1. We praise God for His divine grace during the Intercessory Prayer Conference, hosted by JAMA, held on the JAMA Global Campus from August 8 to 11, 2018. We give all glory to God and pray for a strong move of the Holy Spirit in the lives of all those who attended. It is our hope that each person grows to become a powerful and effective intercessor, bringing joy unto the LORD, and live as a true worshipper of Jesus Christ.

  2. Please pray that the JAMA Global Campus would be used mightily as a center for prayer, worship, and the effective teaching of God’s Word. Please pray also that He would continue using this property and that everything done would be to glorify the LORD. Please pray for the various gatherings that will be taking place during the end half of 2018. 1. Global Leadership Forum | September 27-30, 2018 | November 29 – December 1, 2018 JAMA Global Campus 2. Multi-Ethnic Prayer Gathering | October 27, 2018 Southern California 3. JAMA 25 Year Anniversary Worship | November 2-3, 2018 JAMA Global Campus 4. GLDI Korea | January 10 – February 23, 2019 JAMA Global Campus

  3. Please pray for continued wisdom, health, and leadership over Dr. John C. Kim as he continues preparing to establish Kingdom College and Rev. Ezra SoonYoung Kang as he oversees the various JAMA Ministries and Equipping Programs. Please pray for increased wisdom, discernment, health, and leadership upon the entire JAMA Staff, including the JAMA Global Campus Board of Directors, Operations Staff, and Facility Management Team. We ask, hope, and pray that JAMA would trust in the LORD, wholeheartedly, in the place that He has called His people and ministry.

  4. Please pray for the numerous renovation projects taking place at JAMA Global – that from planning to execution, each step would be effective and necessary, according to His divine purpose. Please pray also that the various needs (labor, funding, etc.) would be satisfied according to the LORD’s plan.

  5. We are in need of various volunteers and servant-hearted individuals. May the LORD send volunteers and willing individuals to serve in various capacities of need to the JAMA Global Campus.


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