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[February 2018] PRAYER UPDATES

Updated: May 10, 2018

Prayer Updates for The United States of America

Prayer Updates for

The United States of America

  1. On January 20, 2018, the federal government shut down after the Senate blocked a short-term spending bill. The government re-opened three days later, allowing both parties to continue discussions of opposing views. Please pray that President Trump and all the leaders of this nation would become united, forming a cooperative and collaborating spirit for the good of this country.

  2. Please pray for those receiving aid from DACA and immigration reform plans. Please pray that as both political parties discern future decisions, that individuals affected by immigration reform laws would not face unwarranted challenges or hardships and that any rendered decisions would afford only the best for this nation.

  3. The legalization of medicinal and recreational use of marijuana was recently approved in eight states and California with hopes of generating additional state revenue. Please pray for Mr. Jeff Sessions and the Attorney General’s office as they continue working to reverse this decision – recognizing that marijuana serves as a gateway drug to more detrimental substance and drug abuse.

  4. Please pray that the public school education system across America would return to God and the Bible. Please pray that that School Boards and Education Departments across the nation will reinstate required Bible classes. Please pray also that, rather than theories of evolution, that schools would teach principles of Biblical Creation while affording teaching staff and faculty the liberty to freely share the Gospel testimonies during class times.

  5. Please pray that Kim Jung Un (North Korean Supreme Leader) will surrender his political role, declaring North Korea a liberated nation, allowing the country to enter into collaborative talks with other nations. Please pray that North Korea would experience healing and restoration and that the spirit of the LORD would fall upon that nation.

Prayer Topic Updates for JAMA

  1. As the renovation process and repairs continue on the JAMA Global Campus, various ministries and ministry activities are resuming their regular functions. Please pray that the necessary remodeling and repairs alongside projected projects for this phase will be completed in 2018 and that God would continue to appoint divine meetings and sending the right people to fulfill the mission of the Campus.

  2. JAMA will be welcoming its 13th Class of students for the Global Leadership Development Institute, beginning this June 15, 2018 – the first class to attend at the JAMA Global Campus in Lindale, TX. Please pray that every facet, from preparations to completion, will be covered by the grace of God and led by the Holy Spirit. Please pray also that God would send qualified and prepared students to this year’s program.

  3. Launched in January 2018, JAMA continues hosting a series of Two-Day Vision Excursions for various groups and individuals at the JAMA Global Campus. To date, groups have visited the 471-acre property from Dallas, Chicago, New Jersey, and various other locales. Please pray that as these Two-Day Vision Excursions continue (February 16-17; March 9-10; April 20-21), that many more would be able to experience, capture, and share the vision for the JAMA Global Campus.

  4. Please pray for continued wisdom and leadership over Dr. John C. Kim as he continues preparing to establish Kingdom College and Rev. Ezra SoonYoung Kang as he oversees the various JAMA Ministries and Equipping Programs. Please pray for increased wisdom, discernment, health, and leadership upon the entire JAMA Staff, including the JAMA Global Campus Board of Directors, Operations Staff, and Facility Management Team. We ask, hope, and pray that JAMA would trust in the LORD, wholeheartedly, in the place that He has called His people and ministry.

  5. We continue in fundraising for the Matching Fund. Please pray that all the funds necessary to execute and fulfill this vision would be satisfied.

  6. We are in need of various volunteers and servant-hearted individuals. May the LORD send volunteers and willing individuals to serve in various capacities of need to the JAMA Global Campus.


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