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Finders Keepers

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

A Workshop on Marriage and Relationship

Good marriages, or relationships of any kind for that matter, require skills; abilities in our hearts and character.

When we run into conflicts or emotional needs, presto, we have marriage problems!

Join us May 21st and 22nd for a Finders/Keepers marriage conference on the lovely campus 471-acre campus of JAMA (Jesus Awakening Movement for America). One day and one-half workshop will be aimed at demystifying the skills and abilities we all need to make our romantic relationship thrive.

No one is the “bad guy.” Both members of a relationship bring at least a few blindspots that need to be filled and some of us come with a ton! Let’s learn to work together to become whole couples. Our conference will speak to married couples about the abilities you may be lacking that lie behind any relational struggles you may be having in your marriages.. We will also point singles in the direction they will need to go to do marriage well.

To top it off, we will have a special focus on issues of relational closeness and conflict resolution.

So join us May 21 and 22 with psychologist, Dr. John L. Cox., from Jackson, Mississippi. John is the author of Setting Parents Free: How to give your kids what they need and where to run when you drop the ball.

Session One

Growing Together not Growing Apart: How Your Growth as a Person can Enrich your Marriage.

Many marriages end up with couples blaming each other for their struggles. “If only you...!!!” The truth is that all of us come to marriage with an incomplete toolbox for making a romantic relationship work. This session will overview the basic heart skills that we need (whether married or searching) to love and be loved well.

Session Two

Intimacy and Strength: How to Make Closeness Work

Marriage was created for closeness, but some people fear it; some people need it too much. Emotional Intimacy can become the epicenter of tons of marital conflict. This session will address making sense of sharing our heart, and receiving our spouse’s heart? How can we learn better what intimacy is? What do we do if our spouse struggles with being emotionally close?

Session Three

Conflict and Fighting: Learning that Both Matter

Any relationship with two thinking people will have at least an occasional conflict. That’s how we make sense of not being the same person!! This session will address preventing conflicts from turning into fights. How do we resolve arguments or fights once they star? And how do we resolve conflicts in ways that let both people matter?

This will be a very practical, hands on workshop that you won’t want to miss.

You will be able to go right home and start applying the principles you gained. We encourage you to invite your friends and they will thank you for it.

We look forward to seeing you for this enriching experience.

Chris Lucey

Chief Administrative Officer, JAMA Foundation (and his wife Leslie)

Dr. Bruce Narramore a Founding Trustee of Lindale Kingdom College (and his wife Kathy)


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