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[May 2018] Prayer Updates

Prayer Updates for The United States of America

1. May is considered, “Family Month” in many communities. As we reflect upon the importance of family and the value of healthy home models, especially as we observe Mother’s Day, let us pray that both parents and children would grow rooted in the Word of God. Let us also pray that children would honor and submit to the authority of their parents.

2. Please pray that California legislators would dismiss and overturn the proposed California Assembly Bill 2943 (AB2943), a bill that prohibits adults from finding therapy and support to help them achieve their desired goals and outcomes, including living lives according to their religious faith. Because California bears much influence upon other states in the country, we ask for your concerted prayers.

3. The 67th Annual National Day of Prayer will commence across America on May 3, as individuals gather to pray for the nation’s leaders. Please pray that this Day of Prayer will serve as a marker in convicting the hearts across America to place more trust in God, looking to the Father for His divine blessings and special leadings. Please also, find a local prayer gathering and join together as we pray for this nation.

4. Please continue praying for the summit that is scheduled to take place between the United States and North Korea. We ask that God Almighty, in His infinite sovereignty, would cause North Korea to denuclearlize the Korean peninsula, surrender nuclear weapons, and halt all forms of missile testing. Please pray that the involved parties would come to an agreement for the peaceful unification of the Koreas, and that religious freedom and liberties would be permitted to those in the North.

5. Please pray that there would be an urgency and conviction upon the hearts of individuals across college and university campuses to witness a sweep of revival. Let us seek to restore prayer and Bible Studies across collegiate communities so that younger generations and future generations would become catalysts in pursuing the Gospel and serving the nations with a Kingdom purpose.

6. Please pray for the November 2018 Midterm Elections. America will be voting for individuals in the House of Representatives, the Senate, as well as for State Officials and Public Servants. Please pray that those who are installed into office will be qualified, apt, and capable individuals, honoring the will of the LORD, and working to turn this nation back to Him.

Prayer Topics for JAMA Global Campus

1. Renovations and repairs are in full swing at the JAMA Global Campus. We thank God for guiding each step of the process and covering individuals with protection and safety. As JAMA continues these projects, partners and volunteers continue experiencing the overwhelming, unrelenting grace and love of God.The projected timeline entails completing TWO Dormitories and a Lecture Hall, alongside various other projects on the property by NEXT month (June 2018). This will not only allow JAMA to welcome the first Global Leadership Development Institute (GLDI) to Lindale, Texas, but it will also afford opportunities for churches and partnering ministries to use the facilities on the Campus. Please pray that the necessary remodeling and repairs alongside projected projects for this phase will be completed in 2018 and that God would continue to appoint divine meetings and sending the right people to fulfill the mission of the Campus. 2. JAMA will be welcoming its 13th Class of students for the Global Leadership Development Institute, beginning this June 15, 2018 – the first class to attend at the JAMA Global Campus in Lindale, TX. Please pray that every facet, from preparations to completion, will be covered by the grace of God and led by the Holy Spirit. Please pray also that God would send qualified and prepared students to this year’s program.Please partner with us and pray for upcoming gatherings and training programs.

▶ May 17-19 (Thurs – Sat) | GLF (Global Leadership Forum) Lay Leaders & Professionals

▶ May 25-26 (Friday to Saturday) | “Two Day Vision Excursion” at the JAMA Global Campus

▶ June 16 – July 27 | Global Leadership Development Institute – 40 Day Leadership Program

▶ August 8 – 10 (Sun – Fri) | National Intercessory Prayer Conference

3. Please pray for continued wisdom, health, and leadership over Dr. John C. Kim as he continues preparing to establish Kingdom College and Rev. Ezra SoonYoung Kang as he oversees the various JAMA Ministries and Equipping Programs. Please pray for increased wisdom, discernment, health, and leadership upon the entire JAMA Staff, including the JAMA Global Campus Board of Directors, Operations Staff, and Facility Management Team. We ask, hope, and pray that JAMA would trust in the LORD, wholeheartedly, in the place that He has called His people and ministry. 4. We are in need of various volunteers and servant-hearted individuals. May the LORD send volunteers and willing individuals to serve in various capacities of need to the JAMA Global Campus. 5. Please pray for the many individuals who are involved in the various renovation and construction projects across the JAMA Global Campus. Please pray for their health and safety so that they might be able to continue working effectively and in wisdom as they take part of the vision God has placed upon this campus.


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