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[September] Prayer Updates

Prayer Updates for The United States of America

  1. May parents of this generation adopt the spirit of Christian heritage and be mobilized in restoring family values in order to effectively equip the next generation. Early puritans placed immense value in practicing family worship – a means, they believed, would train children to pursue Christ. Additionally, mothers catechized their children in order to instill Biblical principles.

  2. May the public school system return to the LORD and be restored to reflect Biblical principles. When America was first founded, Bible classes were pillars in school curriculums, helping students to live in purity and mature biblically. Today, public schools practice a clear separation of church and state – making it illegal to openly practice one’s faith. Please join us in prayer, as we cry out to the LORD, for His provision in restoring Biblical principles in America’s education system.

  3. May college and university campuses across America experience a spirit of revival, calling for great moves of missions and prayer. America was blessed to experience a great move of God in the 19th Century as countless individuals were commissioned as missionaries and others participated in powerful prayer movements. Please pray that this nation would again experience this kind of revival across current collegiate climates in America.

  4. Please pray the churches across America would be more vested and committed to effectively raising up Godly leaders for the next generation. Please join us in praying for the efficacy of JAMA programming, to equip and raise up future Christian leaders.


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